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Photoshop will also be very useful for small everyday effects on your images: find out how to remove red eyes from your photos with Photoshop , or how to change eye color . Before an extreme change (such as a new hair color), you will have the opportunity to see the final result in advance. By the way, have you ever wondered how they get rid of the shiny effect on the skin or the imperfections of a model? One word: Photoshop . How to use Photoshop: the course that offers you complete preparation We provide you with the basic tools to start using this photo editing program: find out how to edit photos with Photoshop or how to crop a photo with.

Of course the web is full of tutorials that explain how to do it, but there will never be the perfect tutorial for what you Asia Mobile Number List need at that moment to create that effect you have in mind. You know the True Detective theme song , with its overlapping image sequences? We explain how to superimpose two photos with Photoshop and get the same result. You also learn how to correct chromatic aberrations, import vector files and manage work on various layers. In short, a complete smattering of everything you need to learn how to use Photoshop . Attending the Photoshop course could open new doors for you in the professional field

The figure of the graphic designer is in great demand. path starting from a simple course! How is our basic Photoshop course structured? Here you will find classrooms equipped with Wacom graphics tablets and Adobe software updated to the latest version, qualified teachers and the possibility of a preliminary test to evaluate your starting level. Our classes include a maximum of ten students: this is to facilitate learning and group comparison. In addition to the theoretical lessons to discover how to use Photoshop, you also practice a lot thanks to the laboratories and at the end of the course you receive an official.